Arachnoid Trap T-Shirt 🕸️🕷️


  • Image of Arachnoid Trap T-Shirt 🕸️🕷️
  • Image of Arachnoid Trap T-Shirt 🕸️🕷️
  • Image of Arachnoid Trap T-Shirt 🕸️🕷️
  • Image of Arachnoid Trap T-Shirt 🕸️🕷️
  • Image of Arachnoid Trap T-Shirt 🕸️🕷️

Arachnoid Trap T-Shirt 🕸️💀🕷️

Screen printed black t-shirts with off-white ink

Water based ink on EarthPositive® t-shirts (155 grams, 100% Combed Organic Cotton, Fair Wear)

To find the right shirt size for you, check the chart on the last image, the available sizes i currently have are: S , M , L , XL , XXL , 3XL , 5XL

The sizes worn in the photos are XL in the third picture and 5XL, tucked inside the trousers, on the second picture.
(If you are browsing from your phone and the size chart image is too small, you can find it on the following link: by taping "View Size Guide" under the photographs.

The EarthPositive® t-shirts are the most ethical and friendly fabric we could find, you can find more information about their production on the links below:

Screenprinted by The Shoplifters Collective (@theshoplifterscollective)
Huge cheers to Danae (@danaecharphotography) for modeling, providing the photography equipment and assisting with making the photographs happen :D
T-shirt illustration by me.

🔮Worldwide shipping🔮
All t-shirt orders will be shipped as Registered Mail and a tracking number will be sent to you as soon i have shipped the package, you will be able to find the tracking number into the Shipping Notification email.

Please note: Each t-shirt is hand pulled so each print is unique and slightly differs from the others. There is a chance that some printed spots might display slight discoloration, thicker ink coverage, minor blurring etc.
Also, please choose your shirt size carefully, as because of the small quantity of the pieces returns or changes are not possible right now.
Keep those in mind when ordering and for any questions please feel free to ask me :)

✨ All orders come with extra goodies ✨

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